Build Lasting Relationships

We help you build lasting relationships by driving repeat visits and by increasing the "stickiness" of your website.
Get in Front of New Customers

We'll make you look your very best in front of your customers now, and we'll get you in front of customers that are ready to buy now!
Winning Time Back

Our service and tools bring a new level of automation and performance giving you hours back to use on other tasks...or sipping drinks by the side of the pool. Either way, the time is yours.
 Are the right customers finding you and are you reaching the right customers?
Utilizing our state-of-the-art systems, ONdemand Marketing Services offers a broad range of services for our clients that includes:

Website development
SEO management services
Advanced holistic digital marketing services

It is our philosophy that marketing is the voice of the company and that voice must speak a message that is consistently heard through every platform it is delivered to and through - whether that platform is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, banner ads, electronic billboards, or VR displays at some public arena. 

Make sure your business takes advantage of ONdemand's:


A comprehensive process to gain InsightDevelop Solutions, Engage your leads, prospects and clients, and continuously Assess your performance while adjusting to market conditions.

We offer a number of solutions to help drive leads into your business. Leveraging state of the art tools combined with old-fashioned roll-up-your sleeves work ethics, we can unearth opportunities and drive them your way. Our state of the art systems can leverage the power of the Internet to dig deep into your competition while identifying shortcomings in your own systems that are costing you time and money.

Creative solutions to deliver consistent messaging. Marketing is all about the message and ensuring that its clear, concise and properly targeted to the intended audience. With our solutions, we can train your staff to deliver what we like to call the three C's of marketing communications - Clear, Concise, Consistent messaging. The best part - we can deliver it across the entire spectrum of social media. 
Product Development

Backed by decades of experience in product development, we have more than thirty years of experience developing software, hardware and systems' level solutions to a broad spectrum of markets around the world. We can help your team achieve success in their product development efforts while coordinating the marketing efforts of those charged with "getting the message out."  
INSIGHT.  Using qualitative and quantitative research and analytics to provide more meaningful insights into your target audience
Needs analysis. Investigation into current business operations/ processes and procedures to assess potential exposures.
Concentration. Where do you focu your time, money and resources? What are the best ways to connect with your customers? What's the best possible media? What are the most powerful appeals?..
 Assessment. Get inside the minds of your customers through rapid experimentation. Ensure you are selling through the minds-eye of your customer and not from some narcissistic need.
 Segmentation. Who are the customers in your market that value what you have and will be the most likely to buy from you? Who are the customers that most appreciate your specialization? What are their demographics? What are their psychographics? What is the one major reason they will buy from you? What is the one major reason they won't?
Engagement. Seek out the most influential relationships to help you engage your end buyers and seek out the most impactful channels for communicating your messages. 
 Differentiation. How are you different than your competitor? Why should your customer buy from you and where are you that you could be the best at what you do or are?
Specialization. How is your product or service specialized? Do you target a specific product or service? Do you target a specific market area or customer? What is your unique selling proposition?
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